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Actividades en el Centro Español Rey Juan Carlos I , New York University

Cine, Fotografías, presentaciones

Sunday, April 17, 1:00-6:00 pm
Havana Film Festival in New York 2005

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
- Animation for Kids. Animated films by Uruguayan director Walter Tournier and by Mexican director Dominique Jonard will be shown for families and kids. For full program click here or visit

3:00 - 6:00 p.m. : DOUBLE PROGRAM
- Cuban Cinema Classics: Los Caminos de la Revolución. The recently subtitled documentaries made in Cuba’s national film institute (ICAIC) will provide us with a glimpse into Cuba’s revolutionary film tradition. Ann Marie Stock, Professor of Hispanic Studies at The College of William & Mary, founder and director of the new project Cuban Cinema Classics, will present five films, conduct a discussion on their thematic interpretation and provide a rare glimpse into Cuban history and cinematic perspective.
- Tribute to Pastor Vega: Viva La República (Cuba, 1973) 92 min. Documentary. A historical documentary employing old photos and archival footage to reconstruct the history of the Cuban “pseudo-republic” from the late 19th century up until 1959. In 1973 it was selected as one of the most important films screened, Selección Annual de la Crítica, Cuba. IN SPANISH ONLY (NO SUBTITLES)

Monday, April 18, 6:30 p.m.
Havana Film Festival in New York 2005

Meet the Directors: New Languages for Latin American Cinema
Meet today’s new Latin American filmmakers, actors and producers to discuss new trends of the different genres. Invited filmmakers and industry experts include:
Walter Salles (Tribute Honoree & Director, Brazil)
Pastor Vega (Tribute Honoree & Director, Cuba)
Silvio Caiozzi (Director: Cachimbe, Chile)
Alberto Durant (Director: Doble Juego/The Con Game, Peru)
Judith Escalona (Director: The Krutch/La Muleta, Puerto Rico/USA)
Victor Gaviria (Director: Sumas y restas/Addictions and Subtractions, Colombia)
Fernando Mejías (Producer: Sumas y restas, Colombia)
Mateo Herrera (Director:Jaque, Ecuador)
Fernando Lavanderos (Director: Y las vacas vuelan, Chile)
Hector Menis (Producer: El cielito, Argentina)
Esteban Ramirez (Director: Caribe, Costa Rica)
Miguel Ortega, Head of International Sales: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia / Mexican National Film Institute
Moderated by Sandy Lieberson (Independent Producer and Academic):
Mr. Lieberson designed and introduced curriculum for the Professional Producers Course at Escuela Internacional de Cinema y Television, Havana, Cuba. Currently based in England as Chairman of Film London.
Simultaneous translation will be provided.

For more information click here or visit

Tuesday, April 19, 3:00-4:30 p.m.
PEN World Voices
The New York Festival on International Literature

Reading and Conversation: Jose Manuel Prieto, Jordi Puntí, Laura Restrepo
Moderated by NYU Professor Mary Louise Pratt
Co-sponsored by Pen American Center, New York University and the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU
For authors biographies click here
For more information visit

In Spanish, with simultaneous translation, sponsored by Latino Artists Round Table (LART)

Tuesday, April 19, 7:15 p.m.(download program)
Cine sin Taquilla: Documentales
- Balseros. 2002. Directed by Carles Bosch and Josep M. Domènech.
In the summer of 1994 more than 50,000 Cubans took to the sea in a motley array of rafts and floating junk in an attempt to reach the Florida shore. This Oscar nominated documentary follows seven separate rafters over seven years, charting their first attempts, through internment at the notorious U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay to new lives in the U.S. ... for more info click here

In Spanish and English with English subtitles. 120 minutes.
Skillful weaving of video and film footage into a cohesive whole that values the human dimensions of the saga over political machinations.” Variety

Guadalupe Miranda

Thrusday, April 21, 7:15 p.m.
Latin American Media Arts Fellows:
Documentaries from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil

A retrospective of 10 Latin American (Mexico, Argentina and Brazil) documentaries funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Curated by Tania Blanich, Director of The Program for Media Artists, National Video Resources.
- Relatos desde el encierro /Lock-up Stories (2004)
Guadalupe Miranda (Mexico)
78 min, in Spanish with English Subtitles
A documentary about a group of women incarcerated in the Puente Grande Feminine Readjustment Center in Jalisco, Mexico.


Friday, April 22, 8:00 p.m.
Special Event: SHADOWPLAY – An evening of short films and live music on the Patio
SHADOWPLAY is a film / live music performance project by Spanish award-winning filmmaker Andrés Sanz and collaborating Music Composer Michael Arenella. Shadowplay premiers at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center as an outdoors silent film show featuring original scores by Michael Arenella's Orchestra.
- Emily, 16mm, b/w, 6:00 min.A chronicle of a man’s desire for a woman who is constantly changing. The precarious nature of desire is exposed through this unusual love story. Winner of best film at the New York Expo of Short Film & Video and the Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois.
- The Mc Ewan Instant, 16mm, color, 1:00 min. An animated film exploring the speed and fragility of an instant.
- Life on Mars, 16mm, color, 13:00 min. Three people meet their twins by accident in the streets of New York.
- Simple Life of Elaine Murphy, 16mm, b/w, 7:00 min. A cinematic poem which begins with two seals swimming in an aquarium. Houses and entrances emerge and fade. Again and again a shadowy blurred image of a woman appears.
- The Spanish Desert, 16mm, color, 14:00 min. A dark Spanish fairy tale mixing the surreal flavor of early Buñuel and the 60’s American underground.
- Bedford, 16mm, b/w, 16:00 min. Upon leaving New York, Harry Bedford is horrified to discover that his shadow is missing. Finding it will be no easy task. Winner of 18 top awards at international film festivals
TOTAL: 57 minutes


Saturday, April 23, 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (download program)
KJCC /Al-liquindoi Photography Workshops
A one-day seminar series on Spanish and Latin American Photography. Includes introductory lectures, audiovisual presentations and round-table discussions with the following renowned photographers:
Alberto García-Alix (Spain)
Maya Goded (Mexico)
Alessandra Sanguinetti (Argentina/USA)
Patricia Mendoza (Mexico)
In English and Spanish with simultaneous translation

Includes closing reception at 6:00 p.m., with the presence of Maya Goded and all photographers, of the exhibit:
Maya Goded / Magnum Photos. The Neighborhood of Solitude: Prostitutes of Mexico City

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